When it comes to vegan bags, most people tend to immediately think of vegan leather as the go-to option. However, there's an equally stunning alternative that often goes unnoticed—the world of vegan bags made from fabric.

Fabric bags can provide an alternative to vegan leather bags in terms of sustainability and reduced environmental impact. While vegan leather is most often made from synthetic materials like polyurethane (PU), fabric bags can be crafted from organic cotton, hemp, recycled fabrics, up-cycled fabrics or other sustainable materials.

Fabric bags can showcase an extensive range of colours, patterns, and designs, offering a wide array of aesthetic options. Whether it's a bohemian-inspired print, a bold geometric pattern, or a minimalist monochrome design, fabric bags can cater to diverse style preferences.


Karuna Dawn's Organic Cotton Tote Bags

Karuna Dawn Organic Cotton Tote Bags

Capturing the beauty of hand-block printing, these stunning open tote bags are made using sustainable organic cotton. 

Hand-block printing is a skilled process and takes years to master. The print starts with a design which is then carved onto wooden blocks.

The blocks are stamped into the colour and then stamped onto the fabric to form a repeated pattern.

The process takes skill and time, as the pattern must be stamped repeatedly across the fabric, colour by colour. The slight human irregularities — inevitable in handwork — create the artistic effect emblematic of block prints. The final outcome of this intricate labor is a timeless beauty, and every garment made from this fabric is unique.

Our bags are assembled in Nepal by our social enterprise partner with a mission to create jobs that empower marginalised people and survivors of exploitation to fresh starts and fulfilled lives.  


Why Organic Cotton Is Better than Conventional Cotton

Cotton grown organically does not use chemicals or pesticides which translates to less environmental damage and soil degradation. Organic cotton uses less water, uses less energy, produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions and provides a safer work environment as workers are not exposed to harmful chemicals. It does not put a strain on our rivers and seas as majority of cotton is rain-fed.


Multiple Uses for Karuna Dawn's Organic Cotton Tote Bags:

Designed to ensure versatility, the open tote bag has many uses such as the below list:

  • Beach Bag
  • Market / Shopping Bag
  • Baby Bag
  • Yoga Class Bag
  • Pilates Class Bag
  • Gym Bag
  • Knitting Bag
  • Arts & Craft Supply Bag
  • Toy Bag


Karuna Dawn's Up-Cycled Denim Bags

Karuna Dawn Up-cycled Denim Bags

Creativity and skill is at the heart of up-cycled fashion and our bags are no exception.

Working with a zero-waste company in India, our bags are made using post-consumer jeans and manufacturer's off-cuts.

Up-cycling is circular fashion and is truly a sustainable practice.

The making process

Raw materials are received in a multitude of shapes, sizes and colours and they undergo a vigorous washing process to ensure hygiene. From here, a significant amount of time and effort is spent on sorting and cutting the material into the right shapes and sizes.

The bags are designed and tailor-made to compete on par with new products.

Every element in the process is carefully chosen so the end product not only increases life of the material but provides you with a truly unique and authentic bag that has been skilfully hand-crafted and made to last.


Chequered Tote Bag

Karuna Dawn Chequered Tote Bag

Beautiful patchwork designed bag that you can take anywhere. Super stylish and practical, you can fit all that you need for the day.

Although this design may look simple, it takes a lot of skill and creativity to ensure the shades of blue are co-ordinated and seamlessly hang together as a cohesive pattern.

The material for this bag comes from at least 8 - 10 different pairs of post-consumer jeans.


Bento (Boho) Bag

Karuna Dawn Up-cycled Denim Bento Bag

The Bento bag originates from Japan and the unique design derives its value from a light-weight structure yet spacious enough to fit all your belongings.

It has a self-closing mechanism when worn over the shoulder.

The bag is made from panels out of at least 3-4 post consumer jeans. The lining is made from beautiful post-industrial (manufacturer's off-cuts) Kurti (cotton) fabric.


Sling (Cross-Body) Bag

Karuna Dawn Up-cycled Denim Sling Bag

The perfect bag when you're on the run!

Use as a cross-body or over the shoulder.

The strap is easily adjustable to your liking. The inside lining is sourced from post-industrial (manufacturer's off-cuts) material.


Benefits of Up-cycling

Saving garments from going to landfill - Fashion creates an incredible amount of waste. In fact, globally, there’s one garbage truck of clothing waste dumped into landfill or burnt EVERY SECOND!

    Encourages creativity and supports artisanal work - behind every up-cycled product is the maker whose inventiveness has breathed new life in a garment that would have otherwise been discarded. Up-cycling also supports small, local makers and rural communities


      Protects our natural resources - utilising new, raw materials takes a heavy toll on our natural resources. When you up-cycle you are using resources that have already been taken and re-purposing it.Traditional cotton farming uses an incredible amount of water and it's staggering to think a single cotton t-shirt takes 2,700 litres of water to produce.


        Unique items - when you purchase up-cycled products, you are purchasing unique items that can't be found in stores or in mass produced items. This will be one of a kind that you can wear or accessorise with pride.


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