Our Brand Story

Our Brand Story - Journey to create sustainable, social impact, vegan bags

Birth of an idea!

Frustrated by a gap in the market for high-quality, socially conscious, ethical, cruelty-free, vegan bags, we embarked on a passionate journey to fill this gap and offer beautifully handcrafted products that are unique, stylish and meaningful.

The name Karuna Dawn has its roots in the ancient Sanskrit language:

Karuna - means compassion. It is an action taken to alleviate suffering

Dawn - is the rising of Compassionate & Conscious living

Our Vision

Karuna Dawn was born out a deep belief that our shared compassion can inspire positive change.

Our brand is rooted in the notion that we are all woven from the same thread and connected to one another.

We are inspired to live a more compassionate, sustainable and conscious life.

Our Vision - To create a path for Conscious & Compassionate living

Our Values

- Freedom through fair trade
- Conscious choices through compassionate designs

- The lives of workers
- The choices of our consumers

- Compassionate and conscious living
- Sustainable, cruelty-free, vegan designs

Central to our business ethos is Purpose before Profit - meaning we will never compromise our values even if it means forgoing profit.

Social Impact

Karuna Dawn is committed to partnering with ethical and social enterprises that offer fair trade practices, employment opportunities to those marginalised, disadvantaged and most vulnerable among us.

We live by the principle of Conscious Consumerism – understanding that our purchasing power can have a profound social and environmental impact.

Animal Welfare

We believe in “ahimsa” practices. To do no harm and to live in harmony with all sentient beings. We firmly believe animals are not here for us to harm, use or exploit.

The principles of vegan and cruelty free are core practices of our business.

Environmental Impact

Karuna Dawn is focussed on sustainable practices. To use sustainable fibres in the manufacturing of our products and those materials with lower environmental footprint.

We want to re-think manufacturing.

Re-purposing clothing destined for landfill and creating bespoke and unique handbags. Turning what would have been waste into innovative, up-cycled products.

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