Since a very early age I knew that I wanted to use my life for something greater and bigger than myself. I didn’t know what I was going to do or how I was going to do it, but it was a desire that never went away.

I’ve had the privilege of travelling through many countries and experience first-hand beautiful village communities where people lived a slow, intentional, and a more harmonious life that’s in sync with their environment.

I was exposed to the beauty of their handicrafts and the skill and precision of their artistry which would have taken years to perfect. From hand-block printing to weaving to stone and wood carving to fine arts painting – every piece capturing the soul of the maker.

Although I’ve seen profound beauty, I’ve also seen stark poverty and desperation. I knew I wanted to help but didn’t know how.

In 2019 I saw the story of Nasreen Sheikh, a former child worker forced to work countless hours for less than US $2 a day. Her story touched me deeply and her strength and courage inspired me to take the first step in creating my business.  

Nasreen, showed how disconnected we are from one another and how we’ve moved to a wasteful, mass produced and meaningless fashion industry.


As I began to research the industry, I was staggered at the devastaing impact to people, animals and the planet and felt there must be a better way, where both profit and purpose can co-exist.

So, with the support of my loving husband, Scott, and his quiet, calm words of encouragement, Karuna Dawn was launched in 2021.  It was 2 years in the making and it had to take this long to build relationships with suppliers and production houses and trust that they shared our values and we aligned with theirs.

At the heart of the brand is our mission to uplift as many lives as possible. One of our core beliefs is that our shared compassion has the power to move mountains.


What Does Karuna Dawn mean? 

Karuna Dawn is all about living consciously and compassionately. 

I could see more and more people wanting to live an intentional, kind life.  

I wanted a name that honoured my Indian heritage and captured the ground swell movement of living with kindness.  I researched the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit, and looked up a word equivalent to Compassion.  


Karuna - means Compassion. It is an action taken to alleviate suffering.

Dawn - is the rising of Compassionate & Conscious living.


Why the Lotus as our Logo?


 For Karuna Dawn, the lotus flower as our logo symbolises Compassion, Spiritual Awakening and Transformation.




The lotus flower begins its birth as a closed bud in muddy waters but it doesn't stay there. It emerges from the waters to reveal beautiful petals - untouched by the murky waters from which it came. Transformation of the self takes many forms and cycles and as we grow and learn, we can have numerous new beginnings.

This is powerful symbolism that no matter our origins or our past, we can transform - to rise defiantly, elegantly and to thrive. We have the power to change consciously and compassionately.

Karuna Dawn is a platform to ignite positive change and that change begins with you.



This is at the heart of Karuna Dawn. Compassion for oneself, for others, for animals and of course for our planet. This is why our core business principles include Sustainability, Ethical trading, Vegan, & Cruelty Free practices. Everything we do is kind to People, Animals and the Environment. It is the realisation that we are all one and it is our shared compassion that has the power to move mountains.

The lotus flower emerges from the water, opening itself up, symbolising open-heartedness and to receive others with compassion.

Compassion forms part of Karuna Dawn's vision - To create a path for Conscious and Compassionate Living. It is the foundation for which to live your life. If you have compassion for all that is around you then, all your thoughts and actions will be bound by kindness.


Spiritual Awakening

Just as the lotus flower's petals open, so too can the human consciousness. An opened lotus flower symbolises the expansion, or awakening, of consciousness. To open your mind and realise there is nowhere that I start and you end or where you start and I end. We all share a deep connection to each other and with everything around us. We are all woven from the same thread.


I am filled with gratitude to be able to share my journey with you and hope that my passion inspires something within you to chase after your dreams.

A journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step.