I remember the days I would be scrounging around in the bottom of my bag or even the bottom of pockets, desperately trying to locate my keys, my phone, my pen, my lip balm, and the list goes on and on!


In an effort to keep myself organised, I would purchase bags with lots of pockets thinking I can separate my items and find them easily – Oh how wrong I was!!!


I just had more places to lose my items.


I would never remember which pocket carried what item. The pockets were so deep that the smaller items would just fall to the bottom, and I found myself with my head in my bag still scrounging for what I needed.


The Revelation!

You know those YouTube videos with celebrities showing “What’s in the bag” clips – well that’s where I saw a bag that was so organised and with limited items that it changed my habits permanently!


You Don’t Need a Bag Lined with Pockets – To the Contrary

Once you know this – you’ll never look back again!


The secret is pouches! 

Cue angelic music – yes, the secret is pouches.  Pouches keep items separated and they are big enough to find in your bag with ease.


Now the trick here is to have a bag with items that serve you.  What does that mean?  That means don’t over stuff your bag, only keep the essential items.  These items are what you will need during the day.


We tend to think we’ll need everything but the kitchen sink in our tote bags, but this will do you more harm than good.

Firstly, this is the cause of your neck and shoulder pain. I talk about this in detail here with a list of how to perform an autopsy of your bag.

Secondly, having a whole lot of items in your bag hinders you from becoming organised. It'll just be over-stuffed with things you don't need and stops you from finding the items that you do need.


Pouches are the answer to being organised and having everything at your fingertips.

Our Pen Holder is one of our best sellers and this is truly a life-saver. It not enables you to stop fumbling around to find a pen but, more importantly, it stops nasty ink stains and pen marks from getting onto the lining of your bags.

I talk about our pen holders at length in our blog post here. Check it out!

Karuna Dawn Pen Holder


New Leaf Leather Pouches Coming Soon!

I have some exciting news to share with you and because lots of our customers, especially at markets, have been asking, we are going to be releasing Leaf Leather pouches very, very soon. 

These pouches are fabulous to help keep you organised and great to use as:

 - Medicinal kit - keep all your tablets, bandaids, tissues in one place

     - Lolly & Mints bag - nothing worse than finding lollies stuck to the lining of your bag.  Here they all all hang our in the one place - neat and tidy

       - Personal hygiene bag - no more having to walk to the ladies room with a sanitary pad stuffed up your sleeve. You can just carry your Leaf Leather pouch

         - Tech items bag - your AirPods, headphones, USB cables and even wired headphones all accessed conveniently in a pouch 


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          Now you know the secret - spread the word and help your friends get organised, too!