Let's face it, tote bags are everywhere. They are versatile, offer a lot of room for your belongings and they are very stylish. And of course being an ethical, vegan brand, I'd only suggest buying ethically made, vegan tote bags.

A good tote bag is lightweight, spacious and offers a compartment to separate your belongings. These days, they come in various colours and designs and are made from different materials - linen, cotton, organic cotton, vegan leather, cotton canvas and much more. I will however, express my opinion about vegan leather. Most vegan leather is made from PVC or PU which is basically plastic and of course non-biodegradable. Karuna Dawn has decided not to make any bags from PVC or PU due to the devastating impact it has on the environment. You can read more about Vegan Leather in my blog here.

Which Tote bag is right for you?

This is very much dependent on what your use for it is. I've listed below top uses and from there, depending on the use, the type of tote bag you should be looking for.

1. You're a Mum with a newborn or a young one. I remember this phase of constantly carrying around nappies and bottles and formula, not to mention, dummies, and their favourite toys. So a large tote bag is what you need to be looking for as well as one that has a few compartments. Choose one made out of cotton canvas material, they are strong and built to last and can be put in the wash but always look at the label for care instructions.

2. You're a Uni student. As a student, you need a tote that can fit your books and laptop. Ideally, it won't cost the earth but it will still look smart and chic. You can't go wrong with a denim tote bag like the one featured in the picture for this blog. Denim is a staple in any wardrobe and will complement outfits all year round. Again, denim is something you can throw in the wash to keep it looking fresh and new.

3. You're going back to the office. I guess it's all a bit of a shock to us but going back to the office is actually happening. It may not be 5 days a week (thank goodness) but in some shape or form, the trip into the office is inevitable. My suggestion here is to look for something a little more expensive and classy to match your "corporate wear". Here, I would say look for plant-based vegan leather totes. This include totes made out of pineapple leather, cork leather, cactus leather and for our brand our soon to be released Fallen Leaf Leather. Theses are a much better option to PVC or PU and look very stylish.

4. You're out grocery shopping. With plastic bags on the out, people are bringing their own re-useable bags for grocery shopping. Here, I would suggest a low cost, plain cotton bags, perhaps in darker colours. Why I say is is that with some fruits and vegetables, the natural colours may stain on the inside of the bag over time. Beetroot stains is one I can think of straight away and we all know how hard it is to get rid of this colour.

5. You're off to the beach. Now here's an outing that definitely warrants the use of a large tote bag. We often need to fit in quite a number of items when going to the beach. I'd suggest that you go with something unique and out of the ordinary such as our grass reed, beach bag. It not only looks the part, it's beautiful, large and it will certainly turn heads.

Watch out for the dangers of using Tote Bags.

Just because you have a large tote bag that can fit everything in, it doesn't mean you should carry everything but the kitchen sink. In my mind there are 8 essentials that you should pack into the bag. Anything over and above that should really be thought over carefully. Heavy bags can cause neck and shoulder pain and can cause problems with your posture.

A backpack, with wide supported straps, is a better option when you do have a lot to carry. Yes, this may not be the option you're wanting to hear but your health is more important. I've often placed notebooks and a laptop and laptop accessories in a backpack and have opted for a cross-body bag as my "purse". This has worked very well for me and has saved my back on many occasions.

Whatever your choice in tote bag, think about what you'll be using it for and what material is best suited for the use. Above all -

Your Choice Has Power.
Choose ethically made, vegan and cruelty free products.
Your choice today can help to shape someone else's tomorrow.