Check out these beauties pictured above. Can you believe they are made from fallen leaves? Yes, you read correctly - FALLEN LEAVES.

So that means the leaves aren't even pulled from the tree but it is using only those leaves that have fallen to the ground. That's truly "to do no harm".

We are all aware of the cruel treatment of animals in the leather making process and the devastating impact it has on the environment and people working in tanning factories. I've discussed why animal leather is not ethical in my blog which you can check out here.

So here's a truly unique and sustainable alternative to leather which does no harm to animals, people or the environment.

What is Leaf Leather?

Leaf leather is an innovative, plant-based leather alternative made from Teak leaves in Thailand.

These leaves are part of traditional life in Northern Thailand. The young leaves are used to wrap food and the mature, dried leaves, are used as roofing due to their water resistant quality and naturally tough disposition.

With technology and innovation, these leaves have now been used to create unique, stylish bags and accessories.

The process of making these beautiful products starts with collecting fallen leaves. They are then soaked in water, dyed, arranged flat together and set out to dry, which bonds the leaves and provides a large sheet of the leaf material. The leaf layer is mended with cotton fabric to provide a soft interior backing and structure, ready to be sewn into a variety of products.

Andra Andrus

Handmade and Ethical

The entire process of creating Teak leaf leather is a traditional hand made art.

Karuna Dawn has recently partnered with an ethical manufacturer in Thailand that share our passion for environmentally sustainable materials and vegan principles.

Our partner works with and employs rural people, generating employment, opportunity and income to these communities.

Every piece is handmade and carries with it the stunning imprints of the leaves making each product special and unique.

Why you need to have this?

Using leaves from forests carries with it the natural energy of the nature and when you choose plant-based materials, you are choosing compassion over cruelty.

Need more reasons?

  • Lovingly handmade
  • Stand out from the crowd - be stylish and unique
  • Wear your values
  • Sustainable, vegan & cruelty-free
  • Strong, durable and water resistant
  • Supporting rural communities and encouraging traditional artistry

When Can I have this?

Sign up to our VIP list today to get exclusive online access first! We will be getting these products onto our website in the coming months.

Otherwise, we will be show casing our leaf leather products at the upcoming Big Vegan Market at the Royal Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne on May 7th & May 8th. Come and visit and see these beautiful products yourself.

Your choice has power. When you have the luxury of choice, always choose kindness.