Leaf Leather 2

Leaf Leather

Learn the Craft – Leaf Leather

Karuna Dawn partnered with an ethical Thai manufacturer who creates an innovative and sustainable alternative to animal leather using fallen leaves. These leaves are part of traditional life in Northern Thailand. The young leaves are used to wrap food and the mature, dried leaves, are used as roofing due to their water-resistant quality and naturally tough disposition.

With technology and innovation, these leaves have now been used to create unique, stylish bags and accessories. Our partner works with and employs rural people, generating employment, opportunity, and income to these communities.

Leaf Leather

Every piece is handmade and carries with it the stunning pattern of the leaves making each product special and unique.

The process of making these beautiful products starts with collecting fallen leaves. They are then soaked in water, dyed, arranged flat together and set out to dry, which bonds the leaves and provides a large sheet of the leaf material. The leaf layer is mended with cotton fabric to provide a soft interior backing and structure, ready to be sewn into a variety of products.

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