Vegan Leather Bags

If you want to help in having a sustainable environment, Karuna Dawn’s collection of Vegan Leather Bags lets you stay eco-friendly and fashionable at the same time. Made with no animal products, our Vegan Leather Bags use materials that are sustainable, from the leaf leather material to the bag’s interiors, including the adhesives used which are all cruelty-free. What’s more, these bags are made by highly-skilled artisans who are paid fairly by our international partners observing fair trade practices.

Cane Handle Bags

Our limited edition cane handle bags comein Natural, Purple & Natural, Pink & Natural, and Sea Green Turquoise & Natural colours. These stunningly handwoven reed bags have natural cane handles and feature an interior that uses cotton lining, a zipped pocket and an open pocket on the other side.Practical and fashionable, you can use the cane handle bags anywhere!

Designed to have a raw and rustic look, these bags can be fastened at the top and feature our company logo that’s handcrafted from a coconut shell, accentuating the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Wooden Handle Bags

Karuna Dawn’s wooden handle bags come in limited editions of Natural; Sea Green Turquoise, Natural & Pink; Purple & Natural; and Pink & Natural. All the bags can be fastened at the top and features an interior cotton lining, a zipped pocket, and an open pocket. The raw and rustic design makes these bags timeless and great for women on the go. Our wooden handle bag is also available in a regular edition, with no interior lining.

Our wooden handle and cane handle bags are handwoven in Sri Lanka by a women’s cooperative, whose members are proud to display their craftsmanship whilst earning from creating these bags to support their families either as a main source of or as a supplemental income for the household.


Karuna Dawn has a superb collection of accessories if you’re looking to accessorise. We’re really proud of our leaf leather tote bag collection. These stunners come in Beige, Turquoise, Green, and Purple and are simply awesome as their structure holds magnificently and stands upright, displaying the exquisite imprint of the leaves that are unique to each tote bag. Made of leaf leather, the tote bags do not compromise on durability, style, and practicality.

More than the simple design and versatility of our tote bags, theirbeauty and function make them stand above other tote bags. You can use it at work or as an accessory to complement your outfit. Most of all, you’re doing your share in making the planet sustainable, and choosing compassion over cruelty by using bags made from leaves or plant-based materials as an alternative.

At Karuna Dawn, we aim to create a path for conscious, compassionate, sustainable living. We’re happy to share this vision with you through our Vegan Leather Bags and other accessories.

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