Vegan leather continues to grow in popularity as more consumers are educated about the leather industry and its cruel treatment of animals. 

As we become aware of and head in the direction of a sustainable and compassionate lifestyle, it is no surprise that vegan leather has made many technological advances whereby some clothing items and handbags look and feel very much like real leather.

However, the majority of vegan leather is still produced using PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or PU (Polyurethane). Both PVC and PU are by products of petroleum and therefore made from plastic polymers.

Plastic, as we all know is not bio-degradable and chances are every bag or clothing item manufactured using PVC or PU to date, possibly still exists today in some landfill on this planet!

Karuna Dawn's Vegan Leather Range - And it's not Plastic!

Our incredibly popular range is made from Teak leaves in Northern Thailand. These leaves aren't even pulled from the tree but they are dried mature leaves that have fallen to the ground.

This range is incredibly stunning with each bag carrying the pattern of the leaves making every single piece truly unique and special.  You can find out more about how it's made here

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Leaf leather clutch

Perfect for the night out this gorgeous clutch will be sure to complement any outfit!

Comes with detachable strap, a magnetic button closure and an internal zip.

Leaf Leather Clutch


Leaf Leather Handbag

These are the epitome of style and sustainability. Gorgeous detailing and the beauty of the leaves themselves add to the sophistication of this bag.

It comes with a detachable leather strap so you are able to wear it cross-body or over the shoulder or simply just carry it by the handle.

Karuna Dawn Leaf Leather Handbag

Leaf Leather Unisex Messenger Bag

Our unisex Leaf Leather Messenger Bags are the perfect accessory for anyone who needs to carry their essentials in style.

Beautifully sized with zip pockets and compartments to help you stay organised. Our messenger bags are designed with both functionality and style in mind.

Karuna Dawn Unisex Messenger Bag

Leaf Leather Cross-Body Bag

The ideal hands-free compassionate leather bag.

Wonderfully practical, beautifully designed, and visually stunning, this cross-body bag holds your daily needs in this compact design that has a contrasting bottom layer.

It features an internal zip and an external zip helping to keep your items organised and easily accessible. The strap is detachable.

Karuna Dawn Leaf Leather Cross-Body Bag

Leaf Leather Tote Bag

The beauty of this stunning bag lies in its simplicity and versatility of design. It holds its structure beautifully and stands upright.

Our Leaf Leather tote bag manages to combine practicality with style so effortlessly.

A smart looking accessory that can be used as a work bag and proudly placed above the desk or as a casual accessory. It easily holds all your daily essentials and can be worn over the shoulder or carried in the crook of the arm.

 Karuna Dawn Leaf Leather Tote Bag

Leaf Leather Purse

Our Leaf Leather Purses are the perfect everyday accessory for anyone who values style and sustainability. They are a beautiful envelop style design with a magnetic close button.

The purse comes with generous 7 slots for card holders, a zip pocket, 2 large compartments that can easily hold your mobile phone and the other your cash. It also features a magnetic button closure.

 Karuna Dawn Leaf Leather Purse

Leaf Leather Wallet

Our Leaf Leather Wallets are the perfect blend of style and sustainability. They come with your choice of with or without a coin purse.  Beautifully handcrafted and this is sure to be a conversation starter at your next gathering.

Karuna Dawn Leaf Leather Wallet

Leaf Leather Toiletries Bag

Our Leaf Leather Toiletries Bag is a must-have for any eco-conscious traveler.

They are sized perfectly for a weekend get away or even to use as storage in your bathroom and they come in popular colours.

As an added bonus, when not in use they simply fold flat, saving you valuable space.

Karuna Dawn Leaf Leather Toiletries Bag

Leaf Leather Notebooks/Journals

Our Leaf Leather Notebooks and Journals are the perfect way to capture your thoughts and ideas in style.

The cover is re-usable and you can replace the pages with standard A5 or A6 notebooks making it a truly sustainable product.

Karuna Dawn Leaf Leather Notebooks/Journals

Leaf Leather Pen Holder

Our Leaf Leather Pen Holders are an eco-friendly and stylish accessory for any desk or workspace. They are a girl's best friend in stopping those nasty ink stains and pen marks in the lining of your bag and perfectly complement our leaf leather journals.

Karuna Dawn Leaf Leather Pen Holders

Leaf Leather Card Holder

Sleek and slim in design, they fit easily in jeans pockets and jacket pockets.

Moving to a cash-less society, this stunning leaf leather card holder is practical and useful.

Great for teenagers as well who need to hold their student card, train card, learners permit card and of course their bank card.

Karuna Dawn Leaf Leather Card Holder

We are proud to be a vegan and cruelty free Australian brand and privileged to partner with an ethical Thai supplier and offer such an innovative, sustainable and eco-friendly vegan leather option. All of our products are ethically made.

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