Let 2023 be your year to bring to reality an abundant life. Manifest your definition of abundance, whether it be joy, love, good health, prosperity, success or even all of the above. I promise you, it is there waiting for you to bring into your conscience and ultimately into your reality.

Manifestation is consciously creating your reality- a life that you desire.

It is the act of bringing something into reality through thoughts, actions, and beliefs. It is the process of turning your desires and vision into a tangible reality.

Manifestation works by attracting not what I want but what I am. This is so very important and really is key. 

You will attract what you are.


If you believe, like I do, that the universe is energy and vibration and frequency then, the energy you give out, you will also attract. The universe will match your vibration. Everything that you think, say, that we write, that we bring into existence, will be.

So if you want more love in your life then, you need to be love itself. You need to think, speak, feel and act love. 

You need to fill yourself up with love and the universe will match it and you will start to attract more love to your life. This is where opportunity, serendipity, coincidences are created. 

People will start to come into your life you never would have expected. You start attracting things to you.

Conversely, if you are in thoughts of lack and constantly say and think that you’re poor or without money, you are putting that out there in vibration. You are putting that energy out and the universe will cycle that around and bring you back energy of being broke, of not having enough of having lack.

In other words, your thoughts and energy have the power to attract similar energy and experiences into your life.


So, how does manifestation work? 

It all starts with your thoughts and beliefs. Your thoughts and beliefs create your reality, as they shape your perception of the world around you. If you believe that you can manifest your desires, then you will be more likely to take the necessary actions to bring them into your life.

On the other hand, if you believe that manifesting your desires is impossible or that you are not worthy of them, then you will be less likely to take the necessary actions to bring them into your life. This is why it is so important to focus on positive, empowering thoughts and beliefs.



Affirmations are an important tool in the manifestation process to changing your thoughts.  

Whatever words you place after I AM, you become. 

I’ve heard people say affirmations are just telling yourself a lie meaning, I’m feeling sad and I’d be lying to myself by saying I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m happy. 

You can look at it as telling yourself a lie or choosing a different thought. You’re now choosing a different way to look at your situation. You’re choosing a different narrative, a different story for yourself.

It’s so important to start becoming aware of our thoughts - they have power. I’ve said this before but it’s the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves that either rob us of our joy or add to it.

By starting empowering and self affirming affirmations, you begin to reclaim your life and put out energy and vibration of that power. The universe will match this in time.



Another key aspect of manifestation is practicing gratitude. This means focusing on the things you already have and expressing gratitude for them. This helps to shift your focus away from a lack mentality and towards an abundance mentality, which will help you attract more abundance into your life.

I absolutely can attest to this practice and it forms part of my daily ritual. The direction of my life completely changed when I started practicing gratitude. I am filled with more joy and things that used to bother me or disturb me for endless periods of time, I am able to release and come back to a much more grounded state.



Visualisation is another powerful tool for manifestation. By using your imagination to visualise your manifestation as if it has already come to pass, you can train your brain to believe that it is possible and help to manifest your desires more quickly. 

To help with visualisation, write down in your manifestation journal or your gratitude journal, how you would feel receiving all that you desire. You would feel happy, joyous, abundant, empowered, excited, elated, in love. Now carry these feelings throughout the day, that it is already yours and the longer you can hold these feelings daily, the quicker you desire will become your reality.


Vision boards

Vision boards are another tool to help manifest the life you desire. 

On your board don’t have broad statements such as “I want to be happy”. Get into specifics of what that looks like for you. For example, I want a new job in the IT sector or a new car with 7 seats so I can drive the kids and their friends to sporting activities. Place this board in an area that you see a lot so it’s always front of mind of the specific things that you want to manifest.



Karuna Dawn Journals


A manifestation journal is a beautiful tool and daily practice to crystallise your vision for yourself. Choose a journal that inspires you and is beautiful because it is here that you will be writing your future abundant self.                                     

I use Karuna Dawn’s Leaf Leather A5 journals daily as my gratitude journal, affirmation journal and manifestation journal. It is my daily morning practice that sets me up for a joyous day and allows me to step into each moment as it unfolds with an open heart. 

These beautiful journals are made from fallen leaves and to me, they carry the energy of the forests and of nature and provide a sense of peace and connection to all that is.



So, how can you start manifesting your desires today? Here are some tips:

To manifest your desires, it is important to take inspired action. This means taking small steps that align with your intention and help you move closer to your goal. It is also important to let go of attachment to the outcome and trust that the universe has a plan for you and that your manifestation will come to fruition in the perfect time and way.  Identify what you want to manifest: Be specific and clear about what you want to manifest in your life. 

Set an intention: Choose a positive intention for your manifestation, such as abundance, prosperity, or happiness. Write down this intention in your journal and keep writing it down daily so it enters your subconscious

Take inspired action: Take small steps that align with your intention and help you move closer to your goal.

Let go of attachment to the outcome: Trust that the universe has a plan for you and that your manifestation will come to fruition in the perfect time and way.

Practice gratitude: Focus on the things you already have and express gratitude for them. This will help you attract more abundance into your life.

Visualize your manifestation: Use your imagination to visualize your manifestation as if it has already come to pass. This helps to train your brain to believe that it is possible and helps to manifest your desires more quickly.

Practice meditation: For me this is the most important step. To quieten the mind of all that chatter and noise and to connect with the source, the universe, the field of all possibilities.

By following these steps and practicing manifestation consistently, you can bring your desires and goals into reality and create the life you truly desire and deserve.


Purchase your Leaf Leather Journal here and begin to live the life you desire!