Ever wanted to be closer to nature? This is your chance with Karuna Dawn's stunning Leaf Leather range.

Introducing Karuna Dawn’s Leaf Leather Purse

Finally a vegan leather product that’s not made out of plastic!

Unfortunately the majority of vegan leather is still produced using PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or PU (Polyurethane). Both PVC and PU are by products of petroleum and therefore made from plastic polymers.

As the saying goes - plastic is forever, it’s no surprise that it is not biodegradable and means that every bag or clothing item manufactured using PVC or PU to date, possibly still exists today in some landfill on this planet. Scary thought!

With innovation and technology new plant-based materials have been created giving rise to an exciting wave of vegan leather products. Karuna Dawn’s range is part of this new wave and what’s more, this is a range which does not have exorbitant price tags making it accessible and affordable to many consumers.

Gorgeous envelope style purse that you can pop into your handbag or carry on its own.

Made from fallen Teak leaves in Northern Thailand, this slim designed purse will surely be a talking point with your family and friends.

The purse comes with generous 7 slots for card holders, a zip pocket, 2 large compartments that can easily hold your mobile phone and the other your cash and a magnetic button closure.

Because it can fit the essentials for a night out, you no longer have to carry bulky handbags with you for that nice dinner with friends or loved ones.

This fits beautifully in your hand. It's soft and feels gorgeous to hold and is undoubtedly visually stunning!

Our leaf leather is a kind alternative to animal leather without compromising on durability, style, and practicality.

Each bag carries with it the stunning imprint of the leaves so no two pieces are alike. It's gorgeous to see the veins from the leaves, connecting you to the forest.

The best part!

This is a purchase that won't break the bank.

Coming in at $59, it is affordable, practical and very stylish.

What makes a purse/bag vegan?

To be labelled as vegan, the end product, in this case a purse, cannot contain any animal derived ingredients. This includes all the following elements in making a purse/bag:

  • Outer shell - the materials used on the outside must only be made with synthetic or plant-based materials.
  • Inner Lining - whilst the outer material may be vegan, take a closer look at the inner lining of the bag. Sometimes the lining is made from Silk. This immediately does not qualify the purse/bag as vegan because silk is made from cocoons of silkworms who are boiled alive while inside of them. Horrendous practice - I know!
  • Glues - a common practice in the past was to use animal hides, bones and fish in glues. These days, thankfully it's less of a practice but if you want to make sure your bag is vegan, ask if glues used contain animal ingredients
  • Dyes/ inks/ pigments - Some dyes, inks and pigments contain animal ingredients. So again it's important to ask the brands that you support how their pigments are made

Vegan is better but be informed!

When a product is labelled as vegan, it means there are no animal ingredients in the entire process of the product. So you can be rest assured no animal was exploited or used in the manufacturing of the product.

But, be aware that a vegan product may not be cruelty-free and a cruelty-free product may not be vegan.

Let’s explore this further as I know it can get a little confusing.

Vegan product that is not cruelty free

  • There are some cosmetics that have no animal ingredients and classed as vegan however, if they sell their products (that have been manufactured outside of China) in mainland China then, by law, they have to test on animals which does not make them cruelty free.

Cruelty free product that is not vegan

  • An example here is The Body Shop. They are a cruelty free brand however, some of their products, contain animal derived ingredients such as bees wax, which does not quality that product as vegan.

Karuna Dawn's entire range is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

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