Let's face it our handbags can quickly become a dumping ground filled with old receipts, lolly wrappers, pens, tissues and even loose mints that have fallen to the bottom of your bag. Then you wonder why that bag you loved so much is no longer as appealing to you anymore?

Read my previous blog which talks about performing an autopsy of your bag and lists the only 8 essentials you need to carry in your bag which will be complementary to this post.

Like clothes, if you treat your handbag right and take care of it, it will last.

8 Top Tips to Take Care of your Investment

  • Keep it out of direct sunlight and store in a cool place - this prevents your bag from discolouration and getting mould due to humidity. If you place a pouch of silica gel inside the bag when storing it will aid in keeping the moisture away
  • Keep it's shape - help to keep the bags' structure by stuffing it with butchers paper or bubble wrap. Bags stored without stuffing can be sunken and limp and ready to use again, some may have slight creases because they've been left in this state for quite some time
  • Use a dust bag - if you bag came with a dust bag then great! Definitely use this when storing. If not, eco-friendly dust bags can be purchased very easily.
  • Cosmetics - always carry your cosmetics in a separate pouch. Lids do come off lipsticks, eye-lines etc and keeping them in a separate bag will ensure any stains don't get onto your bag
  • Pens - How many times have I ended up with small ink marks in the inside of my bag? Very annoying. I now use a penholder to keep my pens together and to avoid unsightly stains
  • Don't hang your bag - when storing it, leave it on a shelf, stuffed and covered using a dust bag. This will keep it's shape and keep it clean. Avoid the temptation to hang the bag as it damage the handles due to the pressure
  • Follow the instructions - all bags depending on the material have different care instructions. Follow them! To avoid wearing out your handbag more quickly, you should only clean it when it needs a refresh.
  • This is the most important tip: Stop carrying everything in your bag! This not only places stress on the handles but is awful for your neck and shoulders and can cause posture issues in the long run

Karuna Dawn Bags - Care Instructions

Up-cycled Denim Bags - Store your bag in a dry place. Wipe it with a damp cloth for regular maintenance.

  • Spills and stains must be cleaned immediately. Gentle hand wash using mild soap and cold water is recommended. Do not soak. Air dry it in shade.
  • If the bag gets wet in rain or while cleaning, air dry it completely before using it to carry any papers/ tech gadgets/ valuable accessory.
  • A quick round of ironing can give it a brand-new appearance.

Organic Cotton Bags - Store your bag in a dry place.

  • Cold machine wash only.
  • Do not tumble dry. Line dry flat in the shade.
  • Warm iron inside out if required

Reed Bags - Store your bag in a dry place. As the bag is made from natural fibres, it is very important that any spills, stains or marks are wiped with a damp cloth immediately to avoid the mark being absorbed into the fibre. When wiping do not rub excessively as it will tear the fibres apart. A gentle wipe is recommended.