What I love about starting my own ethical and sustainable brand is, the people you meet – whether they be customers or fellow business owners.

I found Jemma’s gifting business quite some time ago on Instagram and loved how she pours her heart and soul into each gift box.  Needless to say, when conversation sparked between us on how we can collaborate and help each other grow, I jumped at the chance.  Writing this blog came easily to me as her story is beautiful and needs to be shared.


Jemma's journey from New Zealand to Australia marks the beginning of a beautiful tale—a voyage filled with passion, creativity, and a dedication to crafting meaningful moments through her gifting brand – Beaut Gift Co.


Four and a half years ago, Jemma embarked on a remarkable adventure—venturing beyond borders to pursue her dream. It was then that she found her calling, an undeniable urge to curate joy and celebrate the essence of giving. Her entrepreneurial spirit bloomed as she ventured into the realm of thoughtful gifting.


"I love creating beautiful gifts for deserving people," Jemma shared, her eyes shining with the enthusiasm that fuels her business. "Making people feel special is my ultimate goal."


What sets her brand apart is the heart-warming ethos driving every box she meticulously crafts. Recognising a void in the market for truly thoughtful gifting experiences, Jemma refused to settle for the mundane. "I didn’t want to just throw things in a box, slap a bow on it, and send it off," she emphasises. "I envisioned a moment of joy—a meaningful unboxing where each recipient felt cherished and truly thought of."


Driven by her love for supporting small businesses, Jemma found inspiration in local markets, where the authenticity and personal touch of each purchase resonated deeply. "I'd always attend markets on weekends, knowing that my purchase was making someone's day brought me immense joy."


Her mission is twofold: not only does she curate delightful gifts through her store, but she's also an ardent advocate for small businesses. "I am constantly on a mission to bring attention to small businesses I love," Jemma enthuses. "Through my content and my gift store, I strive to shine a light on these hidden gems. I aim for gifts that are unseen and unheard of, believing that this adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness."



Beaut Gift Co. is all simplifying the process for individuals who may struggle to express their sentiments through presents. "Many lack creativity and feel uncertain about choosing the perfect gift," she acknowledges. "I want to make it super easy for those people—bridge the gap between heartfelt intentions and tangible expressions of love and care."


Her brand exudes a magnetic aura of creativity and empathy, inviting everyone to embark on a journey where every gift tells a unique story. It's a haven for those seeking not just a present, but a moment—a moment to cherish, unwrap, and experience the joy of feeling deeply understood and cherished.


If you’re interested in following Jemma’s brand, here is the link to her Instagram page and her website.