Unsightly, bulging pockets causing you frustration? Or maybe your wallet just doesn't fit into your skinny jeans?  Yes, first world problems, I know, but still an annoyance - right?

We've all experienced the discomfort and embarrassment of pockets that disrupt the lines of your outfit or create awkward bulges.

Our slim, Vegan Leather Card Holder serves as a game-changer here. It's sleek, minimalist design ensures that your pockets remain streamlined and your look polished, no matter what you're wearing. You can finally bid adieu to those moments of frustration when you're unable to achieve that clean, well-put-together appearance due to an overgrown wallet.

Solve these pain points with our plant based option that doesn't cost the Earth - literally!


Why a Card Holder?

A card holder is a relatively new innovation and whilst it's usually thought of as a men's accessory, we've seen quite a number of female customers love the slim, sleek design that allows for an unburdened night out.

As we're shifting more and more to a cash-less society, a card holder serves your needs perfectly. 

We've seen cards reign supreme in markets where we are a stall holder. Although we come prepared with a money box, it is rarely, if ever used.  By far, the most common payment method is by card.

But even though we've moved to a card based system, the single biggest reason, I would encourage a card holder is that it forces you to "live" minimalistically.  By that I mean, we all have way too much in our handbags, purses, clutches, and even wallets.  Unwanted receipts, old bits of paper we've written on and no longer need, store/loyalty cards that we don't want - all of this adding to the bulk and bulge of our wallets and handbags. 


De-clutter and Streamline

For those who embrace minimalism or simply prefer uncluttered living, our Card Holder is a natural fit. It encourages you to carry only what's necessary, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. It's about making a bold statement through simplicity.


Benefits of our Leaf Leather Card Holder

  1. Effortless Convenience: Our Leaf Leather Card Holders feature two side pockets and a middle slot, offering a clever way to keep your essentials organised. Bid farewell to the inconvenience of bulky wallets when all you require are a few cards and some cash.
  2. Hands-Free Freedom: Whether it's a quick coffee run or a night out with friends, our Card Holder effortlessly adapts to your lifestyle. Its slim construction and practical design means you can navigate your day without the burden of a heavy bag or wallet.
  3. Perfect Fit for Any Outfit: Versatility is the cornerstone, it seamlessly complements your wardrobe, effortlessly sliding into the pockets of your tightest jeans or most elegant evening attire.
  4. Eco-Conscious Fashion: Beyond its utility, the Card Holder represents a conscious choice. Our vegan leather made from leaves provides employment to rural and village communities and forwards a sustainable future.  It signifies your commitment to sustainable living and ethical fashion - every time you use it, you're making a statement about your values.


I'm almost convinced - just not sure how long this card holder is going to last!

This is a question we get asked all the time and we love answering it!

Like with anything, as long as you take care of it, the card holder will serve you for years!  It starts off stiff but quickly gets softer as you keep using it. But don't just take my word for it - Check out this video - this card holder has been used for 8 years and look how soft it gets and how durable it is!  AMAZING!

It is made from Teak Leaves from Northern Thailand and it is mature dried leaves that are specifically used to create our products.

These leaves are naturally strong and durable. They are the same leaves as the Thai villages use as roofing for their huts!


Perfect for Kids, Too!

These days it's very common for kids to have their own cards and by that I mean their student cards, public transport cards, their debit cards, perhaps their L plate driver's licence and of course any gift cards that they may have received for birthdays or Christmas.

Our Card Holder is a perfect choice which helps to keep them organised and teaches them about making ethical and conscious choices. It's a present that not only grows with them but also imparts valuable lessons.


It's time to make the switch and live more freely!

We take pride in all our products, ensuring they are crafted to the highest quality and it is a purchase that lasts you years.  For us, the future of fashion is sustainable and it should be a choice that everyone can make.  Our card holder is a perfect example of this - at $30 a piece it is an easy choice to make.

Our full range of Card Holders is HERE- check it out and support sustainable and ethical fashion whilst streamlining your lifestyle.