Bags – those trusty companions that hold our world, from everyday essentials to dreams we're yet to unfold. But have you ever wondered, in the kaleidoscope of bag choices, which one resonates most with your personality?

We're about to embark on a journey through bag-land, where each bag isn't just an accessory but a statement, a reflection of who you are. So, sit back, fashion explorers, as we uncover the perfect match for your unique style.


A few things to remember....

Whilst we're looking at personalities in this blog post, your shape and size also play a key role in matching to your beautiful physique. 

Remember ladies, contrary to how most of us feel ie. frumpy, overweight, a few too many rolls in certain areas (by the way, I'm describing myself here), you are beautiful as you are and we just need to work out what will enhance our best qualities (and yes, we all have them)!

If you're blessed with height, a Large Messenger Bag might be your stride companion, accentuating your stature. Petite and chic? A Clutch Bag is your go-to – it won't overpower your frame and adds a touch of charm. If you're curvaceous and fabulous, a Crossbody Bag can create balance while you conquer the world.


Now to match your personality!

Vivacious and Outgoing 

The vivacious outgoing personality is a burst of energy and positivity, lighting up every room they enter. For this lively individual, a bag that matches their exuberant nature is a crossbody bag with a pop of vibrant colour or an eye-catching pattern. 

If you're blessed with height, you're better off with a large cross body piece, such as the messenger bag that will balance out your tall frame. If you're petite, then a smaller cross-body is perfect for you. 

This bag style will allow you to move and groove freely while keeping your essentials close. Cross-body bags are perfect for you whether you're dancing the night away or engaging in animated conversations at social gatherings, your hands are left free to enjoy the night.


Less is More - Quieter Personality

The "less is more" quieter personality finds beauty in simplicity and values tranquility over chaos. For this individual, a bag that aligns with their understated elegance is a small, well-crafted crossbody bag. Its minimalist design and compact size perfectly complement their unassuming yet refined demeanour.

With just enough space for the essentials, this bag mirrors your preference for a clutter-free existence. The subdued tones and clean lines of the bag echo the quiet confidence of the "less is more" personality, making a subtle statement that speaks volumes about your sophisticated taste and introspective nature.


Ethical & Conscious


If your heart beats to the rhythm of ethical living and conscious choices, a tote bag in natural fibres is your perfect canvas. This bag isn't just about carrying belongings; it's about carrying a statement of your values - a reflection of your mindful approach to life.

It's for the one who believes that simplicity can be a work of art, and that every choice we make can echo positive change. 

If you're the earthy soul who finds solace in nature's embrace, the soft touch of organic cotton against your skin will resonate deeply. You'll naturally gravitate to earthy tones, patterns matching the tapestry of nature and designs that show a commitment to sustainability.

Resting comfortably on your shoulder, a tote bag allows you to carry your essentials while treading lightly upon the Earth. Spacious and lightweight, they are the perfect companions for mindful wanderings, ensuring essentials remain close by.


The Adventurous Spirit

The adventurous spirit is an individual fuelled by a relentless desire to explore the unknown and embrace the thrill of new experiences. For this daring soul, a bag that mirrors their intrepid personality is a rugged yet stylish backpack designed to withstand the challenges of their journeys.

Crafted from durable materials and equipped with versatile compartments, this backpack becomes a trusted companion on treks through untamed landscapes or urban escapades.

The bag's utilitarian charm resonates deeply with your practicality, while its unique design elements reflect your distinct sense of style. As the adventurous spirit sets out on yet another expedition, your backpack stands as a symbol of your courage, curiosity, and readiness to conquer every uncharted path that comes your way.


The Chic Sophisticate

The chic sophisticate is the embodiment of timeless elegance and refined taste, effortlessly exuding an air of grace and confidence. This individual possesses a keen eye for the finer details and a penchant for classic fashion choices.

Their ideal bag is structured and meticulously crafted to match their poised demeanour. Here, think of a beautiful handbag that can switch easily from day to night.

The bag's clean lines and luxurious materials seamlessly complement your tailored ensembles, whether it's a power suit for the boardroom or a sophisticated dress for an evening event.

The handbag is not just a bag but a symbol of your unwavering commitment to impeccable style. As you navigate through life's endeavours with grace and poise, your bag becomes a testament to your appreciation for enduring fashion and timeless beauty.


Yes, I know there are more personalities and definitely personalities that are a mix of a couple of the personalities mentioned above. Perhaps, I'll do a part two and talk about other personalities but for now, this is a good start to get your thought processes going on how your bag can be an extension of your personality. 



It's essential to remember that personal style is a journey of self-discovery, a canvas where your personality finds its voice. While trends come and go, your style is an eternal expression of who you are. So, as you embark on the delightful task of matching bags with personality, let your heart be your guide.

Embrace the bag that resonates with you, that speaks to your individuality, and encapsulates the essence of your being. In a world often dazzled by passing fads, stand as a beacon of authenticity, celebrating your own style with pride and conviction. Remember, true style is timeless, and the bag you carry should be a reflection of your unique, beautiful self.


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