Boho or Bohemian style is fun, relaxed, flowing silhouettes and it’s a style that can be worn all year round although it’s most associated with Summer.

Personally, I love this style, mostly because I’m a hippie at heart but it’s a style that can be worn by any woman of any age.  It’s flattering on all body shapes and to me, it is beautifully feminine.

My favourite is to pair my boho outfits with our Up-cycled denim Bento (Boho) Bag.  I’ll show you lots of different looks using my own clothes and pairing it with our Boho Bag.

Nothing of my clothing is expensive, designer or exclusive. They are all pieces that I found in markets, thrift shops or even local department stores but, they all work really well with our Bento Bag and finish off the Boho look. 

What I want you to take away from me sharing my personal clothing is that Boho is really a style that never falls out of fashion and it’s carefree and a reflection of your personal style. In fact, despite its modern popularity, the style itself is a rejection of mainstream and all that comes with it.  Although, there are a few rules to follow with this look, you get to make up your own style!


So, what are the key elements to the Boho Look?

Boho Style blends various elements, such as earthy tones, vibrant patterns, floral prints, fringes, tassels, and natural fabrics, creating a harmonious bohemian tapestry.

The beauty of Boho Style lies in its versatility. You can embrace this trend in various ways, allowing your personality to shine through.

Some key pieces to consider for your boho wardrobe include flowy maxi dresses, bell-bottom pants, loose-fitting blouses, floral prints, ethnic prints and patterns, chunky jewellery, layered necklaces, statement necklaces, numerous rings, layered bracelets, floppy hats, comfortable sandals or boots. Mix and match these items to create your own unique boho ensembles.

When it comes to hair, keep it effortless and natural. Think loose waves, braids, messy buns, or headbands.

In the pictures below, these are classic Boho looks, the wavy hair, long maxi dresses, floppy hat, floral prints, denim, long skirts. These photos are almost dreamy and a look that anyone can pull off.


How to wear our Up-Cycled Bento (Boho) bag to create the Boho look?

Now the good part! How can you pair your up-cycled denim bag with you Boho look?

Here are my personal clothes that I matched with my Bento (Boho bag).

Your up-cycled denim boho bag is a treasure in itself, combining sustainability with style. Here's how you can effortlessly incorporate it into your boho ensemble:


Yes, all these are my personal clothes and they all work exceptionally well to create a Boho Look.


I have 5 different styles of dresses. Numbers 1-3 are all long, maxi dresses with different sleeves. Flattering on all shapes and sizes. Although I've just used the same necklace on all images, you can change it up and ultimately layer them to enhance the look.  


4 & 5 are shorter length dresses and to finish the look, I'd suggest wearing cowboy boots or sandals and a hat.  

6,7 & 8 are looks with jeans. These are flared jeans and I find denim works really well with not only the bag but the boho look.  

I've purposely shown you different sleeve lengths and necklines so it's easier to see yourself in these outfits as not everyone wants an off the shoulder or a deep neckline look. 


Are you still hesitating?

If you're still hesitating trying the look, why not just experiment at home in front of a mirror?  Remember, the Boho look is versatile and it is to capture your own style following a few simple rules that I've mentioned above.

You will always look and feel better wearing a look that suits YOU!  There's no need to follow fads and trends - that just keeps us as slaves to the churn of the fashion industry.  Your own look will give you confidence and reflect back your personal style and your values.


Embrace the boho spirit with our up-cycled denim boho bag, and let your creativity flow as you curate your boho looks. Boho Style allows you to embrace your inner wanderer and express your individuality through fashion. So, don't hesitate to mix and match, layer, and accessorise as you create your unique boho chic outfits.

Remember, the key is to have fun and let your bohemian soul shine through your style!


Check out our Boho Bag - beautiful, chic, stylish and serves a greater purpose.

All our up-cycled denim bags are made by our zero-waste ethical partner in India who works with women from marginalised communities to produce beautiful up-cycled products, saving garments from landfill.